SEEDEV in Serbia: Jevrejska 7, 11000 Belgrade
Phone: + 381 11 2180 264

SEEDEV in Croatia
PantovĨak 137a, 10000 Zagreb,
Phone: +385 91 4576 607
Fax: +385 1 4578 344


SEEDEV is a consulting agency registered in 2005 in Serbia and Croatia. SEEDEV is a network of experts and professionals from various European Countries (Bosnia, Croatia, France, Germany, Macedonia, Serbia, Switzerland and UK), who each have a long experience of working in South Eastern Europe.
As a network, SEEDEV is also involved in research aimed at defining efficient tools and methods for agricultural and rural development.
SEEDEV area of expertise lies in research and support to the implementation of agricultural practices and policies that respect bio-diversity and environmental resources. Priority is given to farmers and to systems that encourage the agro production to remain within the rural communities.
SEEDEV has developed specific expertise in the support of the establishment, implementation and enforcement of the legal and institutional framework and the registration and certification of Geographical Indications. SEEDEV, in cooperation with relevant European institutes, also leads research into the assessment of the impact of these instruments on rural development.

Dragana Tar

M.A. thesis "Human Security for Women in Transition Economies” in Development Studies, Institute of Social Studies, Netherlands, 2003.
Since then Dragana specialized has worked for the FAO in Serbia for two years before to carry studies on traditional products in Serbia.




Pascal Bernardoni


Pascal graduated M.A. in Agro-economics in ETH Zürich and worked in Western Africa and Latin America. Since 1999, in the Balkans and in the Caucasus with specific emphasis on agriculture and rural development. Since 2006, Pascal has worked on various projects related to Rural Development with a specific emphasis on the development of Geographic Indication systems Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia.





Rémy Reymann

Rémy has a 20-year experience in local and rural development projects, as well as public administration. His experience includes 9 years in the Western Balkans where he is now established.
Since 2006, part of Rémy activities have covered the development of quality signs linked to the origin and traditions of agricultural products in the Western Balkans. Rémy passed recently a Master thesis on the “Establishment of a Geographic Indication system for agricultural products in Serbia” (University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne).

Goran Zivkov


Between 2004 and 2007, Assistant Minister and Minister of Agriculture. Previously, Goran worked for the UN FAO in Serbia. Goran is currently working on agriculture and rural development project projects in Western Balkan and Caucasus region.



Josip Jogušt 

Graduated M.Sc. Int. Business & M.Sc. Environmental Technology, College London. Since 2002 he is involved in the agri-business commodity-trading sector in Croatia. Since 2006, Josip is Project Coordinator for the development of the Rural Development Strategy of Medjimurje County in Croatia.