The general objective of the FOCUS-BALKANS project is to improve competencies and understanding in the field of consumer food science in the Western Balkan countries (WBC). The scientific results of the research will make important contribution to the public health and consumer protection and to the achievement of the objectives within the FP7. The specific objectives are to:

  •   Develop the competences and understanding of public organisations, private enterprises and NGOs in the WBCcountries regarding food consumer science (training).
  •   Develop a network of universities, institutes, high schools, consumer organisations, NGOs and private enterprises active in the field of food consumer science that are able to develop joint-research activities (networking).
  •   Have a better understanding of food consumers in the WBCs, with a focus on products with positive nutritional properties (fruits and health/Diet foods) and/or sustainability (organic and traditional food products).
Four studies on niche markets plus one quantitative survey will systematically be conducted by WBC organisations as a mechanism for learning-by-doing.
  •  Publication of the FOCUS-BALKANS flyer