•  2nd Open Seminar Brussels, Belgium, 23rd September 2011

On Friday 23rd of September, about 80 participants took part in the 2nd Open Seminar of the FOCUS-BALKANS project in Brussels.

It has been a great occasion to bring together a wide range of stakeholders, including food supply chain representatives and policy makers in order to share, with the FOCUS-BALKANS consortium members, the most recent results and key-findings about traditional food and the consumption of organic products in the WBCs.The results have been presented and discussed with specialists (people from the DG Research, DG SANCO, DG Agri, and DG Enlargement, and two professors: Prof Wim Werbeke and Prof Jutta Roosen). Recommendations have been given and awareness raised about food consumption patterns in WBCs for an adapted development of the region and focused help from the EU. The day has been rich in discussions and exchanges between people from different countries and background.


- Agata Pieniadz, DG Research

- Paulina Gbur, DG SANCO

- Barjolle Dominque, ETH Zürich, Coordinator of the project

- Key findings about consumers' preferences for traditional food in the WBC, Prof. George Giraud, Agro-Sup Dijon, France  

- Consumers' expectations toward traditional food, Prof. Wim Verbeke, University of Ghent, Belgium

- Key findings about the market and consumers trends for organic food in the WBCs, Prof. Natasha Renko, University of Zagreb, Croatia, and Dr Burkhard Schaer, ECOZEPT, France

- Consumer motives and expectations regarding food comsumption, Prof Jutta Roosen, Universitaet Munenchen, Germany

- Motives, values, food choices: results of a quantitative survey conducted in 6 WBC, Dr Jasna Milosevic, IPSOS, Serbia

- Lessons learn from the project, Dr Dominique Barjolle, ETH Zürich, coordinator of the project

- European Food Safety Authority's cooperation with the Western Balkan countries, Finn Sheye, EFSA, Parma


- General introduction of the Focus-Balkans project

- State of the art (WP1)

- Knowledge system in Food Consumer Science in the Balkans (WP2)

- Consumer Quantitative Survey (WP9)

Fruits & health (WP5), with special focus in Bosnia-Herzegovina

- Exploration of consumer’s perception and consumption of fruits in the WBC

- Fruits sector in the WBC

- Fruits & nutrition balance in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Products with health claims (WP6), with special focus in Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia

- Consumer motivations and behaviours for products with nutrition and health claims

- Products with health claims in Macedonia

- Products with health claims in Montenegro

- Products with health claims in Serbia

Organic products (WP7), with special focus in Croatia

- Organic products

- Organic products in Croatia

Traditional food (WP8), with special focus in Slovenia

- Consumers’ Attitudes, expectations and behaviours towards Traditional Food in the WBC

- Traditional food in Slovenia

-Networking (WP3)

- Building competences for food consumer research(WP10)

- Dissemination of the resultsConsumer motivations and behaviours for products with nutrition and health claims (WP11)