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IED/Agri-food and Agri-environmental Economics Group
Head: Prof. Dr. Bernard Lehmann

Institute for Environmental Decisions IED Sonneggstrasse 33
CH-8092 Zürich



Coordinator of the FOCUS-BALKANS project






ETH Zurich has come to symbolise excellent education, groundbreaking basic research and applied results that are beneficial for society as a whole.

Founded in 1855, it today offers researchers an inspiring environment and students a comprehensive education as one of the leading international universities for technology and the natural sciences.
ETH Zurich has more than 16,000 students from approximately 80 countries, 3,500 of whom are doctoral candidates. More than 400 professors teach and conduct research in the areas of engineering, architecture, mathematics, natural sciences, system-oriented sciences, and management and social sciences.
ETH Zurich orients its research strategy around global challenges such as climate change, world food supply and human health issues.

The Agri-food and Agri-environmental Economics Group (AFEE) is headed by Professor Dr. Bernard Lehmann. We are a group of scientists (agricultural economists, economists and geographers) working together to enhance the understanding of the interrelationships between an increasing global food demand and the limited natural resources available for that purpose.


Dr Dominique BARJOLLE
(Senior researcher IED ETHZ)


Ing. Agr. INA P-G, PhD Agricultural Economics INA P-G.
She has interest in the quality food products, strategies and policies. She has particular skills in the Transaction Cost Theory in the frame of food quality supply chain analysis. She has coordinated the Swiss part of several European research projects: PDO-PGI: Market, supply chains and institutions (1996-99). Dolphins (www.origin-food.org) (2000-03), Sus-Chain (2003-2005), SinerGI (2005-07), InoVagri (CH-project on innovations in agriculture) (2002-05) (http://www.inovagri.ch/www.inovagri.ch).  Expert for the FAO, UNIDO, European Commission. Member of the Federal Commission for Accreditation in Switzerland.

Institute for Environmental Decisions IED
ETH Zürich, SOL B7

Phone: +41 44 632 52 27



Delphine EYNAUDI

Ing. Agr. AgroParisTech, Paris 2010
Recently graduated from AgroParisTech, National Graduate School of Agronomy based in Paris, she is specialized in Agricultural Development. She followed the master “Compared Agriculture and Agricultural Development”, headed by the Professor M. Dufumier, which gaves her knowledge in agriculture, economics and social sectors. Her master thesis consisted in diagnosing and analyzing the agrarian system in the “Jorat”, a region northern of Lausanne. Following her master thesis, she worked for AGRIDEA in the department of rural development.


Institute for Environmental Decisions IED
ETH Zürich, SOL C4


Phone: +41 44 632 53 14